Petersville HOLIDAY Day Ride

December 22, 2018 all-day America/Anchorage Timezone
Rob Moore and Michelle LaRose
208-360-8513 or 907-242-0808

(this ride rescheduled from 12/15 due to late season-start conditions)

Come out and lets make tracks for Santa’s  sleigh

to get through this Christmas !!

Early season conditions require intermediate skill level for hidden obstacles and possible short water-skipping.  The snow is usually soft and DEEP early in the season and we’re going to go find it   (spare belt, folding shovel and extra gas jug onboard is highly recommended !)

Meet at Safari Lake Trail parking lot, MP 12.3 on the Petersville Road @ 930am and be ready to ride 10-10:15 after a brief riders meeting.  (look for a single-place trailer, thats me. Parking lot usually fills up 9-930, “overflow” parking in pull-outs a mile in either direction and backtrack if necessary).

We’ll make our way from there up toward Cache Creek Canyon playing in the meadows and in the trees and see where the good stuff is.  Nothing overly technical but expect varying  early-season conditions.  Bring a sack lunch and we’ll probably be making a stop at Forks Roadhouse later in the afternoon for a beverage, time and space-permitting.  Total miles probably 65-80 dependent on how deep the snow really is by Saturday.

Petersville Road turnoff is MP 114.5 on the Park Highway at Trapper Creek, the only 4-way flashing overhead signal light (14 miles north of Talkeetna Spur junction).  Turn left/west onto Petersville Road, some mile markers are snow-covered so notice your odometer leaving the Parks Highway Caution in the corners for fast-moving vehicles taking the inside edge !   From Anchorage, allow 2.5 hours minimum in decent driving conditions.  Weather forecast is SUNNY AND COLD so bring extra socks and gloves.

ALWAYS call the hotline 907-689-7777 just before leaving for ANY ride in case of weather problems or last-minute emergencies. 

PLEASE REGISTER YOUR SLED  WITH THE STATE OF ALASKA !  If you need to register it’s $5 per year  and that goes toward grooming the winter trail system known as “Snowtrac”.  Here’s the link to register your snowmachine:

just about all club rides are on public state lands which require registration.  The money goes toward trail grooming anyway.