Whittier Day Ride – Advanced Level March 9, 2024
Sep 3 @ 9:30 am – 5:00 pm


**Please send an email to to confirm your attendance. We will need to have a waiver on file prior to joining the ride.

Whittier Day Ride

🗓️ Date: Saturday, March 9, 2024
⏰ Time: 9:30 AM Whittier (need to catch the 8:30 tunnel opening). Not sure where our take off point is until we scout it out. If conditions are right, may run over to Wolverine Glacier.

Ride Leaders:
Lawrence Agosti 907-230-8210
Dave Agosti 907-830-7005

“Advanced level ride with REQUIRED steep and technical climbs. Riding with side-hilling and hill climbing are necessary within 30 minutes of the parking lot.

This is an awesome area with beautiful views but requires high level rider ability to get up steep hills and chutes.

All avalanche gear required (beacon/shovel/probe)

🚵 Level: Advanced Riders
A moderate rider is proficient in turning, climbing, and descending hills, capable of riding in ungroomed or powder snow, able to use safety gear effectively, such as avalanche transceivers, can navigate moderately challenging terrain and assess snow conditions, comfortable at higher speeds while maintaining control, and has knowledge of what to do in emergencies, including minor mechanical fixes.

An advanced rider has all of the skills of a moderate rider, but has mastered complex maneuvers like side-hilling, carving, and jumping. Has the ability to navigate through steep, rugged, and varied terrains. Has advanced knowledge of avalanche safety and rescue techniques. Has an understanding of snowmobile mechanics for field repairs. Has the ability to make quick decisions in risky or unexpected situations. Has the physical fitness to handle long rides and challenging situations.

What to Bring:

Snacks to keep your energy up
Necessary gear: Shovel, probe, and beacon

Safety and enjoyment are our top priorities, so please ensure you’re equipped with the right gear and ready for the trail’s challenges.