South Denali HOLIDAY DAY-RIDE intermediate skill level

December 23, 2017 all-day America/Anchorage Timezone
South Denali HOLIDAY Day-Ride
Safari Lake trailhead
MP 11 Petersville Road
Michelle LaRose

This traditional Holiday ride is always a BLAST because of all the soft “fluff” (power snow) early in the season.  Rated as intermediate skill level due to variable terrain conditions with early -season riding.

We’ll scout out the “best snow” in the South Denali and Petersville area—a bit of a “tour” if you will, making tracks for about 70-80 miles so have a full gas tank and oil on your sled.   Expect some deeper snow riding but nothing overly technical, no big hills, etc.

(NOTE: Trapper Creek Inn is closed until March 8th so no gas there, Gate Creek Cabins at MP10.5 on the Petersville Road sells fuel and oil to the public)

Meet at Safari Lake Trailhead parking lot at 9am, MP 11 on the Petersville Road (this parking lot fills up by 10am and there is additional parking in pullouts up the road a bit farther, you can backtrack if necessary and meet up) and after a brief rider safety meeting be ready to depart at 10am.  Driving time to Safari Lake Trailhead from Anchorage on plowed and sanded roads is 2.5 hours.  Have lunch and beverage and your camera.  (Cell phone batteries aren’t always dependable for taking photos in the cold!).  We should be returning to the parking lot approximately 4pm.  

We’ll be riding the main trails around South Denali with some optional playfulness here and there.  This is a great orientation trip if you’re not familiar with the Petersville and South Denali areas–we will stop occasionally to familiarize you with the landmarks.

We will be riding in Denali State Park as well, $10 state registration is required in this area so register your sled now if you haven’t already:

TIP: as this is one of the first rides of the season, please check over your sled now for any  issues now to avoid breakdowns and embarrassing group delays !  As always, CHECK THE HOTLINE BEFORE DEPARTING FOR THE RIDE for any last-minute updates.

The snow is fantastic right now—reports of 2.5-3 feet and more coming.  GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and celebrate the holiday season with the Anchorage Snowmobile Club !