Kanikula Glacier Day Ride !

March 24, 2018 all-day America/Anchorage Timezone
Kanikula Glacier Day Ride
Kanikula Glacier
Jerry Siok

(update from ride leader Jerry Siok on 3/21:  We rode up the Tokositna River to the Kanikula Glacier Today, 21-March. The groomed North Loop trails were hard and fast. Make sure you have scratchers to keep from overheating.  There was a very large warm event earlier this month and all the snow is compacted down to 3 feet with a weak crust. The foot of wet snow that fell Saturday has settled down to 6-10 inches of light dry snow on top with a thin daytime crust. Many of the river crossing that were being used all season have collapsed, but we were able to find our way over safely. Because of the changing conditions, there is no established trail and we had to ride over wide open areas of untracked river bars. The run up the Kanikula River included a few shallow water crossings with hills & traverses through alders. There is open water and I expect conditions will change for Saturday. There was blowing snow on the flats on the return, but winds by the glacier were limited. Expect a cold start and sunny skies with light wind on Saturday”) 

One of the club’s MOST POPULAR day rides !  Kanikula Glacier in South Denali

We will travel via the Chulitna Bluff & North Loop trail that goes through Denali State Park so be sure you have a current Alaska snowmachine registration.


This is an intermediate ride due to distance, side hilling and water crossing requirements. We will ride 80-100 miles. Departure is from the parking lot near MP 121 on the Parks Highway at 10:30 AM. Please arrive early and be ready to leave on time. We will travel via the Chulitna Bluffs Trail to the Tokositna Flats Winter Trail. At the appropriate river crossing we will leave the trail and ride up the Tokositna River where we have always encountered shallow open water crossings before we get to the glacier. There is some moderate side hilling and tree dodging to get around the river. We will retrace our tracks back down the river and trails. Bring your camera, extra gas, lunch or snack and water. Plan on arriving back at the parking lot around 6 PM

 As always, check the ASC hotline  689-7777 for last minute updates before departing for the ride.
Let me know if you have any questions.