Upper Yentna River report–3/15/19

Trail Report: Deshka to Skwentna. I tried grooming last night. No luck. Where there was snow I made snow balls (34deg) at 2am. Where hard pack I couldn’t cut it. I just stopped. Reality, it’s March and we got what we got. The main trail sucks most of the way BUT the side trails are awesome most of the way. Get away from the stakes and look. 50’-100’ a way from the stakes you will find good running and still have the stakes for reference. I am not going to waste your money or my time trying to fix this trail. I am going to pay Willow Trails Comity to use there snow cat on Rolly Creek where we all have to run. The river is holding well. If you’re hauling do it at night or early morning. It is way to soft in the afternoon and evening . I will leave the stakes up as long as the river lets me. This is probably my last trail Report.

Roger Phillips, groomer–3/15/19

Upper Yentna River trail report–3/7/19

Trail Report: Deshka to Skwentna. I groomed at least 4 passes the whole way and many passes is some areas. The grooming is fairly close to the stakes the whole way. It is kind of a narrow path at this moment but Much better than anything close to it. Some of the side trails are awesome if you find them. With the currant temps, the trail may finally set up. Beware, there are some reports of overflow up river from Skwentna and that usually means it will migrate down. Watch out if you are powder playing. Established trails should hold fine.

Roger Phillips, groomer–3/7/19

Upper Yentna River trail report–3/1/19

Trail Report: Deshka to Skwentna. Rolly Creek was flat and great on Wednesday and changing on thursday. The Su and lower Yentna was groomed 11 passes and the upper Yentna 7 passes this week and some of the bad areas up to 20 passes with a groomer. The snow is so dry it won’t hold. Thanks Dave and Christine Luce Willow Trail Comity and ITC for your help. The trail is good now but will change quickly.

Roger Phillips, groomer–3/1/19

Upper Yentna River grooming report–2/14/19

Trail Report: Deshka to Skwentna. If this is bragging then I am going to brag. The grooming from Tuesday held and Willow TC did Rolly Creek again also. The Trail is as PERFECT as it gets as of Thursday morning. I just ran it right next to the stakes from Skwentna to the landing with a freight sled in 2:15 (empty). Enjoy the weekend and be careful on Rolly Creek trail. Limited sight lines.

Roger Phillips, groomer –2/14/19

Yentna River trail–2/10/19

Alternate route to Scary Tree this winter: Rolly Creek Trail out of Deshka shows well taken care of. Yentna River Trail smooth as a baby’s bottom up to Yentna Station but that’s where it gets testy.  The grooming crew can’t drag heavy equipment over the ice as much as they usually do because it causes “overflow” so north of Yetna Station has bumps–nothing enormous, just lots of ’em !  Most folks are leary about riding outside the staked track due to adice about ice-holes and ice-shelving more than usual this time of year,  which of course means more usage of the main trail. 

Advice…you might adjust your suspension softer to absorb some of the “pogo-ing”.  Stay on the staked river trail–riding in the deep snow alongside the main route is tricky business this winter.   

Michelle LaRose–2/10/19

Yentna River grooming report–2/8/19

Trail Report: Deshka to Skwentna. The Rolly Creek trail is smoother than it has been all year, Thanks Willow Creek Trail Committee for the help. The rest of the river trail is in pretty decent shape. The snow did not set up as well as I would like after grooming Tuesday due to the warmer temps and the trail is still pretty narrow due to the deep snow, so all traffic has been basically in one lane. It is better than last weekend. I am going to groom again tonight (Friday Night) so it will be great first thing Saturday but the temps are still forecast a little too warm (30) for it to set up tight. It will be good, But pray for those single digit temps so it will stay that way. Come out and play this weekend and mash up all this deep powder snow. Stay Safe.  (editor’s note: the “Split-the-Pot” poker-style snowmachine fun-run is this Saturday 2/8)

Roger Phillips, groomer Yentna River Trail system–2/8/19

Upper Yentna River area–2/1/19

Trail Report: Deshka Landing to Skwentna —- First let me say the trail is solid the whole way. The open overflow at the mouth of Rolly Creek has a good trail around it, just pay attention and it is fine !!! —— The Tale of Two Trails —– With the deep snow conditions there is a meandering trail that comes and goes from the stakes that is hard packed and freight-able and then there is the stakes trail. I did my best to groom along the stakes the entire length of of the trail. It was VERY Foggy last night in areas and I might have gotten a little lost in some areas 😁. From about 4 miles below Scary Tree to around Luce’s the snow is very deep, I got stuck several times — Watch for a couple basement holes — If you are trying to pull a freight sled stay on the hard packed meandering trail. If you are pulling a toboggan or go faster – Please ride near the stakes and break up the hard crust of snow so I can Groom better. The hard crust of snow from warm deep snow to rain to Zero degree’s has made it a challenge to groom. It is nice overall the whole way but not up to my standards. Come out and Play — It will help me get it better for you… Thanks

Roger Phillips, groomer–2/1/19

Skwentna Roadhouse report–1/30/19

Let it snow let it snow !! we’ve got about 7 “ of new snow this week for the first time in 4 years we are pushing normal snow fall for Skwentna AK 90-120 inches woot woot

Cindi Herman at Skwentna Roadhouse–1/30/19

Deshka to Skwentna–1/25/19

For those of you considering a river run this weekend – The River is great!! weather is great not -30 – it was 30 degrees at 6 AM it is now 36 degrees – its not raining presently ~ it looks to be clearing…*** Please either use Big Lake trail or Rolly Creek trail marked from the old runway to the swamp and then out to the river… – the river between deshka Landing and Deshka river are not for the faint of heart…Have fun and stay safe!!

Cindi Herman at Skwentna Roadhouse–1/25/19

Deshka Landing to Skwentna River–1/17/19

Deshka Landing to Skwentna River. The entire trail has been groomed 4 passes or more this week. Over 10 miles of trail from Scary Tree up to Skwentna has been re-Routed. The trail is in Awesome condition wherever it can be. There is only a few miles of rough stuff left, mostly up around Lake Creek and a little around Bikini Beach. Still using Rolly Creek out of the Landing. Get out and Have Fun !!!

Roger Phillips, Groomer Yentna River