Alaska Snow Cat grooming report for South Denali–2/15/19

Ok folks here is the grooming report for the week:

CBT from mile 121 to mile 131-groomed
Tokositna Flats-groomed
Safari Lake-groomed
Tokositna River-groomed
East/West Express-groomed
Deep Creek-groomed
Black Creek(first 3 miles)-groomed
Petersville Road-groomed
Kroto Link-groomed

Temps have been subzero overnight but climbing to the mid twenties by the afternoon. A stiff breeze started midweek and riding looks pretty darn good all in all.

Have a safe weekend!

Alaska Snow Cat–2/15/19

Alaska Snow Cat in South Denali grooming report–2/8/19

Just finished grooming for the week. All trails except the Rabiduex/Trapper Creek Winter Trail were smoothed out. The Black Creek Trail going west towards Collinsville was groomed for the first time this year and is in great shape.

Be aware of all creek crossing as this winter the ground water is flowing more than usual and the ice and snow is continually settling.

The snow is soft and deep with another 10-12″ of fresh snow.

Huge shout out to all the folks that have donated money for the grooming this year. Your donations have made it possible to continue grooming every week from this point going forward. Also a great big thank you to Doug, Justin, and Charity Moore who came out and cut the blown down trees last week. This saved a lot of effort/$$$ for this weeks grooming. True Trail heros.

Alaska Snow Cat–2/8/19

Trapper Creek trail report from Alaska’s Northland Inn–2/8/19

Good morning! Our blue trail that leads from our Alaska’s Northland Inn all the way to the East/West will be groomed today.  Trapper Creek received at least 10 inches of new powder snow since last weekend looking like about a 4 foot snow depth so far this winter.

Should be a fabulous weekend for our outdoor-appreciators!!   Come stay at Alaska’s Northland Inn where we have trails north and south right out the door…..and lots of fun indoors too !

Alaska’s Northland Inn on the Petersville Road MP .08–2/8/19


Alpine Creek Lodge in Cantwell trail report –2/1/19

Alpine Creek Lodge had 6-8 inches of fresh snow this week. Trail from Cantwell and Paxson have been groomed! Trail in great shape from both directions.  Lots of fresh untracked snow to play in!

Come join us for our Superbowl Party this weekend, we have sooo much fun at Alpine Creek Lodge every year.  

All meals are included in our reasonable room rates and you won’t find a better view out your window! 

Jennifer Bondy, Alpine Creek Lodge–2/1/19

South Denali report from Doug Moore–1/27/19

“Thank you Randy for clearing out the majority of the trees on the Chulitna Bluff Trail and the E/W Express. It made it a lot easier for us to cut them back further, completely clearing the path for the snowcat to groom. This is going to be an ongoing problem in many areas due to the beetle killed spruce. Chulitna Bluff Trail from 121 to 131 is obstacle free at this point, north loop from 131 down to Reflector tree is in great shape, Reflector tree back to the highway on the E/W Express required cutting a couple more trees back. Trails are FANTASTIC (thanks Randy) and nearly bump free. Great for introducing new people to the sport and great for getting those break-in miles on your new whip without breaking your back. Oh yeah, special thanks to my son Justin and daughter-in-law Charity for pitching in.

Keep an eye out for multi use folks as well. Had a nice chat with Chuck (I think) a fat tired bike rider while out near the Tokositna”

Doug Moore of Moore’s Hardware–1/27/19


Alaska Snow Cat grooming report for South Denali–1/25/19

Grooming continued last week after a couple of weeks with cold weather and mechanical issues. This week the Tokositna River Flats Trail was put in which completes the “North Loop”, Also Deep Creek was put in and gives a nice alternative route to the hills. And then yesterday the Rabideau/Trapper Creek Trail was also put in and completes that section of the Susitna Valley Winter Trail that goes from Big Lake to Trapper Creek/Petersville.

The P-ville Rd, Kenny Creek, Safari Lake, Tokosita and EWE trails were all groomed and in excellent shape.

The weather warmed up some and there was some very light rain yesterday south of Trapper Creek and some more rain today followed by snow and high winds. Several trees came down just looking out my window and I am sure there are some that came down across the trails. BE AWARE!!

Randy Crosby, Alaska Snow Cat–1/25/19

Alaska’s Northland Inn at Trapper Creek–1/25/19

and Debbie Lynn Filter provided and update about conditions in Trapper Creek.

Debbie reports the snow is HOLDING UP WELL despite above freezing temperatures today, Friday @ 117pm it’s 35 degrees in Trapper Creek and no rain is falling at this time. There is enough snow cover so that it would take a whole lot more warm to deteriorate any of it at all and there are no signs of that–still very rideable conditions. No signs of overflow on the Blue Trail to East-West. Temperatures are expected to be well below freezing tonight with a high of 28 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.

Randy, our groomer in Petersville and South Denali has been working very hard and it appears he might have groomed Rabbideaux Trail this week in preparation for the upcoming Willow 300 dog sled race on 1/31.

So com’mon up and ride !! Northland Inn has rooms available with direct trail access north (Blue Trail) and south (Orange Trail) so make it an adventure in Trapper Creek this weekend.

Alaska’s Northland Inn is a true “ride-in/ride-out lodge on the trail system!

Debbie Lynn Filter–1/25/19

Trapper Creek Orange & Blue Trails –1/21/19

Woohoo! Bob cleaned up, marked and groomed our BLUE TRAIL that leads from Alaska’s Northland Inn at MP .08 on Petersville Road in Trapper Creek  north to the East/West Trail.

ORANGE TRAIL south that joins with Sheep Creek trail system will be done this week, weather permitting.

Debbie Lynn Filter of Alaska’s Northland Inn –1/21/19

Denali Highway area –1/16/19

Just Groomed from Cantwell to mile 68 On the Denali Highway and back. 
Great trail riding conditions saw temperatures from +15 to -18. some drifting out their from 97 mile to 88 mile. All cleaned up now! Every thing is looking really good get out this weekend come on up or down and go play!!! -Zack at Denali Snowcat Services