Winter 2018-19: PLEASE think twice about the ICE !!!

The snow is fine but the ice isn’t this winter.

After earthquakes and all the subsequent natural methane emissions in the waterways of Alaska, please consider the omnipresent danger on the lakes and rivers this winter.  Disregard all ice thickness safety charts and pay close attention to trail reports that are available.  Just because one lake has been found to be safe to cross, please don’t assume all in the area are safe too–there are drastic differences in safety from one waterbody to another in the same location!

Don’t be fooled just because it’s been arctic-cold around here, that you can ride safely across.    Methane gets trapped and “perforates” solid ice in areas with invisible traps under the snow or ice holes and earthquake aftershocks have been dissecting ice sheets causing “shelving” (abrupt ice level differences) when it refreezes.

THINK TWICE ABOUT THE ICE !  Stay alive–we want you to go around lakes and rivers this winter  if you can and come back alive to ride another day !