JJS Outdoors at Susitna Landing Willow conditions update–3/23/19

28°F this morning with mostly clear skies. It rained lightly last night for awhile, then cleared off and froze. 
River trail reports were about the same as yesterday. Just taking things day by day for now. Ice bridges are still passable and Trapper Lake trail is decent. Snow trails getting softer during the day, but freezing at night and still frozen in the earlier mornings. 
Be safe, have fun, travel in numbers. 
We are open until 9pm. Drop in and say hello. 

JJS Outdoors, Willow–3/23/19

Deshka Landing Outdoor Assoc., Willow river update–3/22/19

The unseasonably warm weather continues to cause a significant amount of melting. The normal freeze/thaw cycle has been mostly nonexistent this year. Beware of thinning ice especially along the banks. In many places the ice bridges have started falling in. Have a safety plan if you are traveling out.

Deshka Landing Outdoor Association, LLC–3/22/19

Willow Trail Commitee trails update–3/22/19

Rode about 30 miles around Willow today in the warm spring conditions. For about 4 hours just cruising around. Trails were pretty good and Lake were icy,wet but you can go to the side and it’s fine. Temps are staying from freezing to around 50 degrees. Will be picking up Signs and Lath of Sunday afternoon. Trails should last at least a week or 2 more!

William Luth, Willow Trails Committe & Alaska’s Winter Park Cabins–3/22/19

JJS Outdoors at Susitna Landing trail condition update–3/22/19

Current temp, 30°F and mostly cloudy. Looking like this will continue through the weekend. 
We had several people come in yesterday and went out to their cabins and others check out the river. Trail is still in decent shape from here towards Trapper Lake up to the first ice bridge. Ice bridge is holding. Waiting to hear back from those who made the full trip out. I will update as soon as I hear. River seems passable. And as always: Please 
be aware of what’s going on around you and use caution. Travel in pairs or groups. Tell people where you’re going and when you expect to return. 
We are open until 9pm. Propane and fuel available as well as coffee and snacks. Summer passes and storage also available.

JJS Outdoors at Susitna Landing–3/22/19 

JJS Outdoors at Susitna Landing trail report–3/19/19

30°F this morning with light snowfall. 
Trail report: as per a traveler last evening – the actual trail leading to Trapper lake was in decent condition. Some water near one of the ice bridges, but still okay. The lake trail was good, but the lake has holes and overflow buildup. The trail leading to Neil Lake is “sketchy”. There was lots of flowing water and certain parts of the Deshka are broken up. The trail leading up to Rabideaux is still in good riding condition. 
As it is, there is no one currently grooming or monitoring the trail. Most of the stakes have been pulled, but the trail is still very visible, clear to distinguish. It is recommended to use caution and travel with a buddy or group. 
We will post updates as often as we hear them.
New river and trail updates are welcome. 
We are open until 9pm. Drop in and say hello. 

JJS Outdoor at Susitna Landing–3/19/19

Mid-Valley Trail Club conditions report–3/18/19

Trail report for Monday 18 March: with the deteriorating snow pack because of the warm weather, we have pulled all the trail stakes along the trails as of yesterday. There are a few stakes that got left behind as they were frozen in the ice. Overall, there is still a good trail to follow. On most of the trails, flagging and trail markers are on trees to help indicate the trail route. The creek crossing over Rabideaux still looks very good. The trail from Susitna Landing to Trapper Lake is good but has two ice bridge crossings that each day is getting questionable and at which point, will be unsafe. At this time, if you decide to use the trails, it is travel at your own risk. Just remember, conditions are changing daily.

This will be the last trail report for this season. It has been a challenge this past winter season with the earthquake and all the aftershocks along with the changing weather patterns.

Thanks again to all the volunteers who helped out during this past winter season helping to provide great trails for everyone to enjoy.

From the Mid-Valley Trail Club, Thank You!

Phil Manke, Mid-Valley Trail Club–3/18/19

Deshka Landing in Willow river update–3/18/19

The warm weather and rain overnight is making a mess of things as well as it did not get below freezing the last two days. Ice bridges are starting to significantly deteriorate in many places. Stay on the main trails, if you get off there is no solid layer in the snow so be prepared to get stuck especially on the lakes and smaller stream channels. Most of the trail grooming is over for the season and our parking lot is a sheet of ice but is starting to break down as well. Have a plan and tell someone your travel plans that is not in you group when to expect you back. Not advisable to haul freight until we get back below freezing for a couple days. Forecast has it in the 40’s during the day and 30’s overnight. Boating season is just around the corner and we want to see everyone make it thru breakup safely.

Deshka Landing Outdoor Assoc LLC–3/18/19

JJS Outdoors at Susitna Landing trail report–3/17/19

28°F and slight drizzles on and off this morning. Temps are supposed to be warmer this week, in the 30’s and possibly low 40’s, but dropping down to 20’s at night. 
TRAIL REPORT: **new updates always welcome**
Trails to the lakes are bumpy and slow going, but still in decent shape. There are a few patches that are questionable, but overall good condition. The stakes have been being pulled this week. Travel to Deshka from Susitna Landing has not been recommended. Trails up towards Rabideaux still in good shape. 
NEIL LAKE reports have not been coming in often, but last I heard, the lake is still in good shape. 
TRAPPER LAKE reports still saying that there is overflow, but it has been freezing nicely. Holes are still in the ice in many areas. There has been a new trail established around the edge of the lake as well, but only for part of it. The trail across the lake still is good, just stick to the trail. 
As always, use caution and good to travel at least in pairs. 
We are open from 8:00am to 9:00pm daily. Parking spaces have increased as we have done more snow removal using a track loader. Willow Equipment Rental The lower loop is open again and several camping spaces available as well as the electric camping spaces across from the covered pavilion. We also have built a new sturdy gate for the facility. 
Snacks and ice cream have been restocked and plenty of coffee and conversation. Drop by and say hello. 

JJS Outdoors, Susitna Landing–3/17/19

Big Lake Trails, Inc conditions report–3/16/19

A lot of folks have asked about the condition of the ice road across Big Lake. Here are some pictures taken today, 3/16/19.

Cathy and I pulled off the lake a few days ago as we don’t see conditions improving. Warm weather continues to be in the forcast for the next week. Use your own judgement when chosing to use Ice 5 or not.

We have also suspended any grooming activities for the time being. However, we are hopeful that we can get out there again if we get a late season snow. If not, it is our sincere hope that you enjoyed the trails this year.

Big Lake Trails, Inc–3/16/19

Mid-Valley Trail Club report–3/14/19

Trail report for Thursday 14 March; Temperature was 21 last night and today’s temps will be in the upper 30s or low 40s F. Hopefully the rain will stay away. Trails are very hard pack, icy, rough and bumpy. The trails soften up during the day but then freeze up over night. Had a lot of overflow show up on the trail on Trapper Lake along with the increasing number of black water holes showing up, as seen in the pictures. So far the trail from Trapper Lake to the Landing is doing good. There is a couple of ice bridges you need to be cautious with but are good right now.
The trail stakes on the South/Deshka trail were pulled yesterday. Overall the trail is going good but the ice bridges are deteriorating, so be very cautious if you venture out on the trail.
Today the trail stakes are being pulled on the Sheep Creek trail. 
The trail stakes on the Rabideaux trail and the trail from Trapper Lake to the Susitna Landing will be at a later date – depending on the weather.

Mid-Valley Trail Club–3/14/19