Yentna River trail–2/10/19

Alternate route to Scary Tree this winter: Rolly Creek Trail out of Deshka shows well taken care of. Yentna River Trail smooth as a baby’s bottom up to Yentna Station but that’s where it gets testy.  The grooming crew can’t drag heavy equipment over the ice as much as they usually do because it causes “overflow” so north of Yetna Station has bumps–nothing enormous, just lots of ’em !  Most folks are leary about riding outside the staked track due to adice about ice-holes and ice-shelving more than usual this time of year,  which of course means more usage of the main trail. 

Advice…you might adjust your suspension softer to absorb some of the “pogo-ing”.  Stay on the staked river trail–riding in the deep snow alongside the main route is tricky business this winter.   

Michelle LaRose–2/10/19