Upper Yentna River report–3/15/19

Trail Report: Deshka to Skwentna. I tried grooming last night. No luck. Where there was snow I made snow balls (34deg) at 2am. Where hard pack I couldn’t cut it. I just stopped. Reality, it’s March and we got what we got. The main trail sucks most of the way BUT the side trails are awesome most of the way. Get away from the stakes and look. 50’-100’ a way from the stakes you will find good running and still have the stakes for reference. I am not going to waste your money or my time trying to fix this trail. I am going to pay Willow Trails Comity to use there snow cat on Rolly Creek where we all have to run. The river is holding well. If you’re hauling do it at night or early morning. It is way to soft in the afternoon and evening . I will leave the stakes up as long as the river lets me. This is probably my last trail Report.

Roger Phillips, groomer–3/15/19