Upper Yentna River area–2/1/19

Trail Report: Deshka Landing to Skwentna —- First let me say the trail is solid the whole way. The open overflow at the mouth of Rolly Creek has a good trail around it, just pay attention and it is fine !!! —— The Tale of Two Trails —– With the deep snow conditions there is a meandering trail that comes and goes from the stakes that is hard packed and freight-able and then there is the stakes trail. I did my best to groom along the stakes the entire length of of the trail. It was VERY Foggy last night in areas and I might have gotten a little lost in some areas 😁. From about 4 miles below Scary Tree to around Luce’s the snow is very deep, I got stuck several times — Watch for a couple basement holes — If you are trying to pull a freight sled stay on the hard packed meandering trail. If you are pulling a toboggan or go faster – Please ride near the stakes and break up the hard crust of snow so I can Groom better. The hard crust of snow from warm deep snow to rain to Zero degree’s has made it a challenge to groom. It is nice overall the whole way but not up to my standards. Come out and Play — It will help me get it better for you… Thanks

Roger Phillips, groomer–2/1/19