Susitna Gauging Station (Trail 6) north to Scary Tree–2/2/19

Rode it yesterday—single lane UNMARKED snow path  on the Susitna River from Gauging Station (Trail 6 river crossing)  north to Scary Tree,  no issues and smooth but unmarked; no stakes— not known to be safe.  To access the Yentna River, probably best to take Willow Swamp Loop Trail south from Deshka Landing area a few miles then follow signs for Rolly Creek Trail cutoff (signs)  to access the junction of Susitna and Yentna at Scary Tree.  Deshka Landing reporting overflow issues going south on the “Coral Hill Trail” (on the Susitna River to Scary Tree) this past week.

ASC  Member: Dave Streit–2/3/19