South Denali trail report–3/10/19

club rode Tokistina Loop and higher in elevation to Long Point.  Snow still in fantastic condition as of this writing, not corned up more like very sticky powder.  Beware of riding the deep for a long time–sticky snow means possible engine overheat for lack of “new snow” getting up into the now packed radiators (especially the front heat exchanger).

*Watch out* for terrain traps and creek opening up especially in flat light conditions.  Ice in the swamps is half this winter of what it usually and that’s causing sudden drops into creek beds with overflow etc if you’re boondocking or powder-playing off the groomed track.   Early spring riding caution prevails despite the excellent snowpack this winter.  Found Railroad Creek bridge partially collapsed (down to barely enough width for one snowmachine to cross) and I hear Rabbideaux Creek Bridge at MP110 is fully collapsed now.

Higher elevations like we rode to Long Point (not avalanche terrain)  in the north Peters Hill are extremely deep snow and not for the faint of heart !  Ride with shovels and bungees up high, you’re gonna need ’em.

Michelle LaRose–3/10/19