South Denali trail report–2/23/19

ASC rode East-West Trail to Bunco Bump (middle of South Denali) also Jen-Mar Trail above Lunchbox in Petersville on 2/23.  Trails in excellent shape, the grooming shows in easy to follow, bermed “paths”.  Off trail is about 2 feet of soft powder as of this riding, some open areas slightly windblown but nowhere was it “bare”–surface just sculpted by the light breezes of late.  Minimum cover found all day was at least a foot of powder, most of the time it was 2 feet deep.  The deepest stash is in among the trees and lower-lying valleys if you’re a powderhound like me, plenty of it …like 3 feet !  Riding in P’ville and South Denali is most likely the best it’s going to be this winter–“spring” warmup is only a couple weekends away so best get out there and ride now.

Michelle LaRose, ASC and CRR–2/23/19