Safari Lake Trail, Petersville–3/24/19

Parking was packed. Very slushy, and melting fast in parking lot. Crossing the road is all gravel.
Safari Lake trailhead sign..on the trail,… some yahoo hit it and knocked it down. 

The snow is very crunch, melting fast. enough slush snow combo getting churned up to keep the sleds cool.
The creek by Reflector Tree is starting to open up. Watch out for open water. 
East West Express is rough , but covered so, definitely can still haul loads with sleighs if needed. 
Kroto creek has open areas, so be mindful of the trail. 
Safari lake itself has allot of over-flow. 

Spring riding is tough. If you get stuck, it sets up like concrete.   Lot’s of digging is required. 
Stay safe out there.

James Jones–3/24/19