Lake Louise trail report–3/14/19

Lake Louise Snow Machine Club trail report: 3/14/2019
Reporting from 3 Lakes Rentals, 15.5 mile Lake Louise road
Above 0 average temp for this week 20 day, 5 night
Snow report:
Winter total snow fall 24 inches with compression about 16 inches, No base, hard riding, Fluffy to corn snow. 
Trail conditions: 
All flagging is done on the 3 lakes, and outlying areas. (EXTREME CAUTION: at the 10 mile marker, a dry creek bed or WASHOUT is a hazard on Eureka trail.) Extreme caution: use the trail between Louise @ Susitna, THE CHANNEL has OPEN WATER…
Grooming was done around perimeters of Tyone, Louise, Susitna Lakes, Cindy Trail loop, to Tolsona trail to Cindy trail to Crosswind West trail up to the Big Bay trail. From there back to Lake Louise on the Crosswind and Big Rock trails, Moore Lake Loop. Lots of snow up on the 
top along the ridges. All the main trails have been groomed at leased once and have remained hard packed and holding up well so far. 
Other comments:
Ice is over 24+, Some reported overflow in the perimeters of the lake, use caution.
Runway is not plowed for wheel aircraft, use ski’s! 
Please DO not use wheeled vehicles on the groomed trails! Reports are that some have been doing so! These ruts don’t heal up, and a fast snow machine will flip and injure children, and others!

Lake Louise Snowmachine Club–3/14/19