JJS Outdoors at Susitna Landing trail report–3/19/19

30°F this morning with light snowfall. 
Trail report: as per a traveler last evening – the actual trail leading to Trapper lake was in decent condition. Some water near one of the ice bridges, but still okay. The lake trail was good, but the lake has holes and overflow buildup. The trail leading to Neil Lake is “sketchy”. There was lots of flowing water and certain parts of the Deshka are broken up. The trail leading up to Rabideaux is still in good riding condition. 
As it is, there is no one currently grooming or monitoring the trail. Most of the stakes have been pulled, but the trail is still very visible, clear to distinguish. It is recommended to use caution and travel with a buddy or group. 
We will post updates as often as we hear them.
New river and trail updates are welcome. 
We are open until 9pm. Drop in and say hello. 

JJS Outdoor at Susitna Landing–3/19/19