JJS Outdoors at Susitna Landing trail report–3/17/19

28°F and slight drizzles on and off this morning. Temps are supposed to be warmer this week, in the 30’s and possibly low 40’s, but dropping down to 20’s at night. 
TRAIL REPORT: **new updates always welcome**
Trails to the lakes are bumpy and slow going, but still in decent shape. There are a few patches that are questionable, but overall good condition. The stakes have been being pulled this week. Travel to Deshka from Susitna Landing has not been recommended. Trails up towards Rabideaux still in good shape. 
NEIL LAKE reports have not been coming in often, but last I heard, the lake is still in good shape. 
TRAPPER LAKE reports still saying that there is overflow, but it has been freezing nicely. Holes are still in the ice in many areas. There has been a new trail established around the edge of the lake as well, but only for part of it. The trail across the lake still is good, just stick to the trail. 
As always, use caution and good to travel at least in pairs. 
We are open from 8:00am to 9:00pm daily. Parking spaces have increased as we have done more snow removal using a track loader. Willow Equipment Rental The lower loop is open again and several camping spaces available as well as the electric camping spaces across from the covered pavilion. We also have built a new sturdy gate for the facility. 
Snacks and ice cream have been restocked and plenty of coffee and conversation. Drop by and say hello. 

JJS Outdoors, Susitna Landing–3/17/19