Deshka Landing river report–2/8/19

As we head into the weekend we have received mixed reports on conditions. Grooming of the overland trails and the main trail out Rolly Ceek have been conducted after the twelve or so inches of fresh snow this past Sunday/Monday. Expect to break trail to the more remote areas and conditions should improve as more people head out this weekend. Overflow conditions are deep in some areas especially off the main trails on the rivers. The Deshka River has lots of overflow and with the warmer weather it will take time to set up. Freight hauling is not recommended unless you can verify the local conditions to your destination and we do have some overflow in the launch. The brown stripe in the launch is a pretty clear sign that things are a little loose on the river. Irondog starts next Sunday morning at the landing and we will be posting updates as we get closer to the race. Parking Sunday morning for the race start will be $5, gate will open at 8am for race viewing, please consider car pooling as we will fill up fast. The regular rate of $10/day will be in effect if you are heading out onto the trails or pulling a trailer.

Deshka Landing Corporation–2/8/19