Alaska’s Winter Park Cabins trail grooming report in Willow–2/7/19

Trails are in great shape in Willow. With over 14″ of new snow this week.
We now are at over 38 inches of Snow here in Willow!!! Temp at report time of 25 degrees.
Grooming was slow this week cause of the amount and how thick the snow was.
We did about 150 miles in the snowcat this week covering almost all trails.
The only trail I could not get done was Rolly Lakes trail was do to Overflow!!!!!
So with all the new snow and all the grooming trails will be Awesome!!!!
We have the K100 and Iron Dog going through or taking off from Willow next weekend!
Come out and join us in Willow for some great Swamp Powder Running!!!

Remember we take the Bumps so you don’t have to!!!

Alaska’s Winter Park Cabins, Willow–2/7/19