Alaska Snow Cat grooming report for South Denali–2/21/19

Grooming is completed for this week. All trails were groomed with the exception of the canyon on the P-ville Rd and the Rabiduex south of Trapper Creek. The Canyon will not be groomed until further notice due to the heavy snow and high winds in that area producing an avalanche danger. Ride through there at your own risk and beware of avalanche dangers in all the back country.

There was 14″ of new snow this week near mile 131 of the Parks Highway, and deeper amounts north of the E/W Express toward the Tokositna. Winds were evident on the Petershills with some drifting but overall good riding conditions. There were no winds along the Parks Highway during the storm.

Keep an eye out for moose and give them a break as it is more difficult for them to get off of the trails.

Watch for open areas along the creeks as many have not frozen this winter and deep holes can occur. Have a great week.

Alaska Snow Cat–2/21/19