Alaska Snow Cat FINAL grooming report for the 2018-19 winter season–3/29/19

All good things must come to an end and this week brings an end to a few good things.

This was the last week of grooming with the P-ville Road seeing several passes all the way from the Kroto parking to and through the Canyon. The west half of the E/W express from the Reflector Tree to the Deep Creek turn off was groomed as was the Kenny Creek Trail. The first few miles of the Safari Lake Trail was also groomed but large wet areas in the swamps made it impractical to access with the snowcat.

The snow is rapidly melting but there is still riding possible throughout the area with creek crossing being the biggest obstacles. Temps are suppose to get into the 50s next week so don’t expect this winter to last much longer.

As many have heard this is Alaska Snow Cat’s last season of grooming the South Denali Trails and it was a challenging year but I feel a successful year. Marita and I appreciate all the support and donations you all have provided over the years and hope to see new growth in the future for these important trails and communities.

Hasta La Vista Baby

Randy and Marita Crosby–3/29/19