Lake Louise Snowmachine Club trail update–3/20/19

Lake Louise Snowmachine Club trail update–3/20/19

Lake Louise Trail Update

The trails are going downhill fast. They groomed the Tolsona, Cindy, Big Bay, Crosswind loop on Monday morning with fair results.

They were going to groom the Eureka and Moore Trail today for the Spring run, but that’s not going to happen. A LLSMC member rode out to the creek at Mile 12 yesterday and found overflow on the creek to be about eight inches deep for about 1/2 the length of the creek.

That will change the direction for this coming weeks events. Today or tomorrow they’ll groom the lake for this weekend. The lake trail has been getting very soft and mushy during the day and freezing hard at night.

The trails off the lake are showing bare spots and loosing snow fast so early morning travel on these trails is encouraged.

This week they’ll be parking Big Foot for the season and continue to groom with the Tucker as long as they are able.

Be aware and travel safe!

Lake Louise Snowmachine Club–3/20/19