Alaska Snow Cat grooming report for South Denali–3/15/19

Yes it is still a winter wonderland in the South Denali area! Monday was a wintery mix of snow/rain/snow/sleet in the lower elevations with fresh powder north and west of the reflector tree. The Deep Creek area had what looked to be 6-10″ of real nice looking fresh snow on a 3′ base. The base of the entire area is still in great shape with very little if any loss to snow depth. What has changed is the type of snow at lower elevations is becoming the dense punchy type you expect in the spring. Temps have been warm for several weeks now with lows in the high 20s and highs as much as 40 in the afternoon. 2-5″ of fresh snow this morning.

Creeks are starting to show signs of decay and the snow bridge at Rabiduex south of Trapper Creek is completely gone and there are no other crossings available in that area. You should ride the power line between mile 110 and 114 if you want to travel along that route. The snow bridge at Rail Road Creek has been rebuilt and is in good shape as of this writing but it’s condition can change rapidly with this warm weather. All other creek crossings are in very good shape.

All trails were groomed this week except the CBT south of 121 and the Rabiduex/Trapper Creek winter trail. There is lots of traffic out there so ride to the right and expect on coming traffic.

Alaska Snow Cat–3/15/19