Alaska Snow Cat in South Denali grooming report–3/22/19

Alaska Snow Cat in South Denali grooming report–3/22/19

Winter has taken a bit of a turn up here this week. There was some rain last Sunday and then only light snow with very little rain the rest of the week. Temps have been at or below freezing most mornings but getting into the mid to high 40s in the afternoons.

I groomed the Chulitna Bluff between mile 129 and 121 and also the E/W Express on Tuesday and the snow bridges were intact then, but conditions are changing rapidly. The P-ville Road was groomed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as was the west half of the E/W Express, Kenny Creek, Tokositna to Bunco Creek and the Safari Lake Trails. There is a lot of freight being hauled on the road and other equipment present so it won’t stay smooth for long in these warm temperatures.

The swamps and creeks have some water on the surface with lots of holes in the creeks opening up. The snow pack remains between 2-3′. Moose are having difficulty getting off of the trail so give them a break.

The Petersville Community NPC is hosting it’s annual Fun Run and Easter Egg Hunt with a Show and Shine event too. There will be lots of activity at and around the Forks Roadhouse this weekend and the proceeds go to trail grooming and search and rescue needs. Go to their Facebook page for more details.

Alaska Snow Cat in South Denali–3/22/19