Kachemak Bay at Homer Ak. PWC Comments Are Needed. We Need your Help.

Hi all you snowmachiners. The PWCAlaska.org club needs your help sending comments to Alaska Department of Fish and Game. ADF&G is in the process of repealing 5AAC 95.310. This is a ban on Personal Water Craft in Kachemak Bay Critical Habitat Areas. This ban has been on the books for almost 20 years and it needs to be repealed.

Please send a simple comment to rick.green@alaska.gov  that 5AAC 95.310, a ban on personal water craft, needs to be repealed.

(1)        5 AAC 95.310 is proposed to be repealed. The purpose of this repeal is to remove the prohibition on personal watercraft use in the Fox River Flats and Kachemak Bay Critical Habitat Areas.

ADN Opinion


If you need more info contact Gene Gerken at yamahariderak@gmail.com