You are currently viewing Petersville/South Denali HOLIDAY Day Ride!  **CANCELLED**

Petersville/South Denali HOLIDAY Day Ride! **CANCELLED**

December 28, 2022 all-day America/Anchorage Timezone
Petersville Holiday day ride
Michelle LaRose

SORRY FOLKS! trees-down emergency in South Denali and I have to take care of it.  If anyone wants to lead this ride instead, please get hold of me immediately at
907-242-0808 (ok to text)
UPDATE 12/20/22—changing date of this ride from 12/24 to 12/28 Wednesday due to extreme cold trend as of this writing.  If no interest for 12/28 Wednesday then we’ll postpone to 12/31 Saturday..RSVP your preference and we’ll keep you updated.
Get out of the house out and work some of those Holiday Calories off too !

RSVP requested via text or phone call to 907-242-0808 for this ride with text updates up to the day before–please have current club membership and state-registered sleds $10 for two winters at  (note:just about all club rides are on public state lands which require registration.  The money goes toward trail grooming anyway).

Early season usually requires intermediate skill level for variable conditions.  This will be a family-fun ride but we’ll stop the group occasionally for optional “play” in some of the deeper snow in the swamps around the Petersville and South Denali areas regrouping before riding on.  Spare snowmachine belt, folding shovel, (extra gas jug onboard for “powderhounds”) and drinking water is recommended.  Bring a sack-lunch but we may make a brief stop at Forks Roadhouse, time and space-permitting. Casual group ride of 40-50 miles total just looking for fun as collective group skills permit.  

DETAILS ABOUT MEETING SPOT/TIME TO BE ANNOUNCED dependent on conditions closer to the event date, but it will be parking lot along the Parks Highway or Petersville Road.

From Anchorage, allow 2.5 hours minimum in dry-road driving conditions.