Trapper Creek Area – 3/7/2018 Trapper Creek Inn reopening for Season

Reported by: Trapper Creek Inn 04-APR-2016

March 7, 2018  Hi everybody,
> Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park will re-open for business on March 9th at 10 a.m. This will mark the beginning of the 2018 Season for us. Please note days and times. As a special to our snowmobiling friends, we will be offering a free regular cup of coffee with club I.D. when you visit. Thank you and we’ll see you soon! ~ Elise
> Elise Dooley
> General Manager
> Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park
> P.O. Box 13209
> 23471 S. Parks Hwy
> Trapper Creek, AK 99683
> Store: 907-733-2302
> Office: 907-733-1444

Trapper Creek Inn


open for business!

 March 9 – 18:  10 a.m. –

6 p.m. daily

 March 22 – May 21

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Thursday – Monday

Hi guys,    As you know by now, there are reports of avalanche activity in the Petersville area. There has even been a video posted of 6 avalanches on the Canyon Trail in Petersville. Word is to avoid this area at all costs. Posted earlier this week was advice to use the East-West Express or Deep Creek Trail to access the hills. Spring is here and the snow is going away fast. There are avalanche notices everywhere. Mosquitoes have been spotted, hovering like black crows. Use your own judgement, but be very careful if you do go. And if you do, stop by afterward and tell us how it went. We’ve got a new form of the pretzel, one with a caramel flavored donut glaze! Happy Riding, no matter what form you choose…sleds, bikes, and 4-wheelers…or planes, trains, and automobiles.
                                                                  …Tom & Connie Dooley, owners
                                                                     Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park
4/3/2016:  Hi everyone – Word from the trail riders is that the rains and warmer temps have melted a lot of the snow at lower elevations. Mud and slushy snow has made for challenges getting to the groomed trails. A good possibility is the parking lot at mile 121 on the Parks Highway. The trail is good right up to the parking lot, which is mud and gravel. The trails, especially West and North of mile marker 121 parking lot, are still passable…except for:  PETERSVILLE ROAD, JUST BEYOND THE CANYON BRIDGE, HAS BEEN COVERED BY AN AVALANCHE. THE ROAD IS IMPASSABLE. ALSO, AVOID THE CANYON AS MORE AVALANCHES ARE EXPECTED. Use the East-West Express or Deep Creek Trail to access the hills.
Once you are on the trails, getting off is inadvisable due to the mud and slush. However, to reach the hills you will need to do so. Deeper snow is at the 1000 ft elevation, but it is wet and heavy. The true powder is to be had at the 3500 ft elevation. There are actually quite a few riders out there today. Have a great time, be safe, and come see us for breakfast or lunch! My favorite (today) is a reindeer hot dog covered in nacho cheese sauce. Pair that with some potato salad…yummm!
3/24/2016:  Hi everybody,  As you know, after the snow this week came higher temps, and the extra snow we got melted. I’ve talked to one fella that rides here daily from his cabin. He said that the trail is pretty bare here close to the Inn where the groomer had to reinforce snow bridges with trail snow. But, once you got further into the trail system the trails were okay. I imagine higher in the hills it will be even more so. Check the forecast first, and then come on out!
Stop on by and have lunch before you head out. Mary Jo is cooking up a storm and everything is tasty. We’re working on our summer menu ideas right now and will be adding some new and old favorites in May. Stop by and see what’s on the horizon! Have a great day and happy trails!
                                                                                          …Tom & Connie Dooley
                                                                                             owners, Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park
 3/19/2016   Greetings from Trapper Creek!    Trail reports have been a little slow in coming this week.   However, one person said that the trail to Shulin Lake lodge looked good, was in fact ideal. Another person said that ( in a different place) there were frost heaves interspersed with sporadic dirt areas and to be careful. There have been warmer temps this last week followed by freezing…so don’t trust rivers and creeks and watch for ice. We got about 3 inches of snow on March 15th (more in the hills) so that softened things a little on the trails. And the groomer has been working on getting things smoothed out. We are currently anticipating more snow today in the form of a winter weather advisory predicting 4 – 7 inches. There is a poker run taking place out at Petersville today and much fun is anticipated. Be safe, ride lots, and stop in to see us for lunch!
We are having a Spring Break sale with 10% off gifts, 20% off tee shirts and sweatshirts, and cafe specials including soft tacos and a root beer float. So stop in on your way through and ‘do lunch’. Have a great day and enjoy the ride!
Tom & Connie Dooley, owners
Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park
26-Feb-2016:  Good news for this Saturday’s FUNdraiser for the Trails at Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park: The color of the day in Trapper Creek is still WHITE! We have escaped the rain, gotten a few new inches of snow, and are holding our own in terms of the trails, the snow base, and GOOD RIDING.  So put your boots on, get the kids (and sleds), and head north for a fun-filled, sunny, warm day of fun outdoors in the SNOW!
The event runs from 12-6, with games, activities, vendor booths, concessions, and DOOR PRIZES, including two CKX helmets from Redden Marine and gift certificates from area sporting goods stores. Purchase tickets inside the Store for event activities (all the proceeds go to the trail groomers fund) and you are automatically entered in the drawing; however, YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN (one prize each hour at 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m., 4 p.m., and 5 p.m.).
Inside the Store, we will have live music from 1-5 p.m., and our cafe will be open with our traditional “Taco Tuesday Special” served all day.   TCI will contribute 10% of all Store and Cafe sales on Saturday to the Fundraiser too, so come on out and support the cause!
Connie @ Trapper Creek Inn

22-Feb-2016:  We got 2-3 inches of snow in the last few days down here at the lower elevations near the highway. Two good snow squalls here in the last 24 hours followed thankfully by a temperature drop. The groomed trails are still good with some new snow to keep them soft. The snow bridge south of the Inn is still in disrepair at last report. Every weekend we’ve been seeing riders heading up Petersville Road or to the parking lot at 121.5. Still others park here with us in our South parking lot, as they know their vehicles will be under watchful eyes as they ride. The Rabideaux Trail north starts at the back of the property.

     Don’t forget, we have a winter carnival event coming up this Saturday, February 27th, here at the Inn. It’s to raise money so the trails can be groomed for all you winter sports enthusiasts. Funding was cut so we’re trying to fill the gaps. The carnival runs from 12 pm-6 pm and will feature booths and concessions; games such as putt putt golf (in the snow) and balloon darts; contests such as ice bowling, snowball throwing, relay racing, ice cream eating, and a ready-set-go timed event to see how fast you can get into your riding gear; activities such as snowman building, face painting, snow art, and ‘make-your-mark’ where you can sign or draw on our commemorative cut-out moose; and live music indoors. There will be a contest every hour as well as a door prize drawing every hour from the tickets purchased. There is also a split-the-pot ticketed event sponsored by Trapper Creek Community Services, a 501-3C. Come out and play to raise money for the trails. The groomer itself will be here on display during all the fun. Some of our sponsors include the Anchorage Snowmobile Club, Curry Ridge Riders, and Trapper Creek Community Services. Door prizes were donated by Arctic Cat of Wasilla, Hatcher Pass Polaris, Sportsman’s Warehouse of Wasilla, and Redden Marine Supply in Anchorage. All donations are greatly appreciated as well. Looking forward to seeing you all!
Trapper Creek Inn owners Tom & Connie Dooley

Feb 4, 2016:  The word out of the mouths of some gentlemen passing through this morning is that the trails are great. They said that Randy is out grooming and wherever he’s been, the trails are smooth and easy. They mentioned out by Gate Creek Cabins, the East/West trail, and between us and the parking lot at mile 121.5. No telling where else he’s going today. The skies are partly cloudy with good visibility. Your adventure awaits!

Mary Jo is here at the Inn making her famous chili. Come on down during your travels and take a break with us for lunch. Happy trails!

                                                             Tom & Connie Dooley
                                                             owners, Trapper Creek Inn

29-January-2016  Trail conditions leading away from the Trapper Creek Inn are okay. About 2 inches of fresh snow on top of hard pack, at least nearby the store. I talked to a group of guys yesterday who said it was ‘rideable’. That was before we had the snow fall last night. Not enough snow fell to require any further grooming, although one local said that our trail groomer, Randy, had gone out to repair some snow bridge damage caused by last week’s earthquake. Lakes, rivers, and creeks still require caution due to the higher temperatures this last week.  We will be opening earlier tomorrow January 30th (9 am) to accommodate a trail ride starting from our parking lot. Come inside and get some supplies before you head out. We still have some ‘snackpaks’ available that are perfect for a day ride. $15 initially, $10 refill. Have a great ride and happy trails.

22-Jan-2016   Grooming has resumed this week, with most of the trails receiving attention. Views are great and trails are in excellent shape.  Remember, there is over 120 miles of groomed trails in our trail system.
You can ride south and enjoy the Mid Valley Trail Clubs efforts or explore the Black Creek Trail. Temps are looking really nice for a family ride this weekend!
And Mary Jo is back from down South, back in the cafe, ready to make tummy’s happy with her famous chili. Soup and grilled cheeses sandwiches are a favorite this month, as well. Stop in and say hi!
15-Jan-2016   Well, the word out of the woods is this: The trails, due to slightly warmer temps, are a little bit softer and the riding is good in the Trapper Creek trail system. It’s still a little rough going between Trapper Creek Inn and the trail at 121.5. We had about 1.5-2″ snow last evening so there’s a little bit of covering for icy patches. We still don’t trust the rivers and creeks. No grooming was done this weekend to conserve funds.
On February 27th, Trapper Creek Inn is hosting a Trail Groomer Fundraising Event to benefit the maintenance of trails. There will be food, games, door prizes, etc. If you would like to help sponsor or donate or have a booth, you can contact us through the Inn website (, at, call us at 907-733-2302, or come by. All efforts will be appreciated. Have a great January!   …Tom & Connie Dooley

7-Jan-2016  Tom rode out from Gate Creek yesterday and said that the conditions were great. The temps out there have stayed below freezing and there is lots of powder! With a low of 11 degrees last night and a high of 20 degrees today, this looks to be holding steady.

 And we are standing by here with hot soup and sandwiches in our cafe for you to break for lunch and warm up. We have hot quesadillas and nachos on our regular menu, in addition to our burgers. We also set up a ‘snackpak’ for you to take down the trail with you. Munchies to keep your energy levels high. Good riding and happy trails!
….The gang here at Trapper Creek Inn

12/31/2015  Trapper Creek got about 5 inches of new snow Monday and a bit more today, New Year’s Eve.  Warmer temps today and drizzle for about an hour softened things up but the trails are still good and the sun has popped out, so come on out for a New Year’s Day ride.

Drop in for lunch – grilled cheese and soup, the area’s best burgers, and espresso will get you going on the trail for at least another 50 miles :-)!  As always, house coffee is free for ASC members with a membership card!
See you soon!
Tom, Connie and Elise Dooley
Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park


12/16/2015  Great news!  We got 2-3 inches of new snow at Trapper Creek Inn and twice that out Petersville Rd three miles at our house, with snow predicted for Friday.  On top of the great base, riding should be good!

Our south parking lot is plowed wide for day use trailer parking; couple of berms should make for easy unloading from trucks. Access to the trailhead behind us has been groomed right to the parking lot and conditions are good from the pumps to the trail.
Coffee is FREE to ASC members (bring your card the first time so we can start a list). We have a NEW selection of gear from Redden Marine, including good riding gloves, goggles, face masks of various kinds, tie-downs, cargo nets, gas cans, etc.  NEW refillable insulated lunch bags are available filled with drinks and snacks – buy one for $15 and refill for $10 – soft sided with a strap so it can be tied to your machine.
See you soon!
The Dooleys
Trapper Creek Inn
Open Thursday-Monday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. (closed Christmas Day)
Tom and Connie Dooley
Mile 114.6 Parks Hwy.

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