AK State Parks South Denali Trails Report 03/23/2018 – All Trails Open! 36″-46″ Snow Depths

 Latest Denali Trails Report – Alaska State Parks

DSP is OPEN to snowmachines with the exception of the Curry Ridge Trail and groomed ski trails. The Kesugi Ken area is OPEN to snowmachines except for the groomed nonmotorized trails and the Curry Ridge trail. Byers Lake gate is open and the road is plowed to the boat launch. Be aware of commercial traffic using the Byers Lake Campground Rd. in support of the bridge replacement project. Vehicles left unattended along the Byers Lake Campground Rd will be towed to ensure flow of traffic. Ice is variable on Byers Lake with areas of open water around the inlet and outlet of Byers Lake. Chulitna and Tokositna rivers have open leads. Weather Round Up: DSP received trace amounts of new snow this past week. High winds with daytime high temperatures in the low 30’s with overnight lows in the single digits. The snow pack has experienced a couple melt/freeze cycles so beware of the variable snow pack conditions. Check current weather 24/7 at: https://www.wunderground.com/weather/us/ak/talkeetna/KAKTRAPP2





March 31st Denali State Parks Trails Report from Alaska State Parks – denalireport033117

South Denali Trails map:  Denali State Park Trails Map

MARCH 31ST – Alaska Sno Cat – Spring is in the air! A few inches of fresh snow this week coupled with much warmer temps has softened up the snow pack and signaled the beginning of spring riding. Trails are in great shape with all were groomed this week except for the Trapper Creek Winter/Rabiduex trail. Grooming will continue for a couple of more weeks but will focus on the most heavily used areas.

Lots of fun to be had this weekend with a poker run, Easter egg hunt, BBQs, lodging services and warm weather. Visit Petersville Community Non-Profit, Curry Ridge Riders and the many lodge’s Facebooks and web pages for the latest details.

Don’t be an April fool….come out to P-ville and ride!!!

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3/6/2017 Petersville Area and Chulitna Bluff trails have been well groomed by Randy Crosby (Alaska Snow Cat) and are very smooth.  Powder snow has been wind affected in the swamps and rivers, so its hard to find much of any soft stuff.  A refresh of snow is certainly needed!  Along the trail system, the snow pack is relatively packed and shallow due to the extended moderate winds.  Alaska Avalanche School & Zacs Tracs of Alberta put on an awesome Level 1 Avalanche Safety Training school in Petersville this past weekend specific and relevant to snowmachiners.  Snow pits dug during the training on some untracked hillsides in the Petersville area show a lightly consolidated upper snow pack with a layer of completely unconsolidated and faceted (sugar) snow near the ground.  This lowest layer would cause the entire snowpack to slide if in steep enough avalanche terrain.  However, knowledgeable folks have noted that this may not be representative of the Dutch Hills snow pack and there is limited information for that area to make generalizations or extrapolations.  You just gotta get out there and check it out!!

2/18/2017 – Jon Agosti, Mark Wishall and board member Dave Agosti rode from mile 131 along the North Loop Trail and up the Tokositna River to Tokositna Glacier, attempting to get all the way to Kanikula Glacier, but flat light made it difficult to explore past the Toko.  No open water until we got close to the outflow of the Toko. glacier and had to make one small crossing in 8″ of water.  The snow depth steadily improves the further you get up the Tokositna river and becomes untracked and waste deep.  I can send you a  GPS data file, which you an overlay on Google Earth, to see the route.  The club ride to Kanikula glacier next month led by the one and only Jerry Siok, which follows this route, should be really good.  Don’t miss it!


We rode pretty much the whole area yesterday and there was 5-6″ of fresh snow on the P-ville Rd. and less going west towards Collensville. Back in Cache Creek again was in the 6″ level as was the E/W Express. However heading north along the Chulita River it got deeper with 9″ total new snow near mile 131.


March 25, 2016

Things are a little sloppy up here in the Petersville area right now. There is still plenty of snow but the temps have been warmer than normal and it has rained very lightly today. According to the forcast it will get below freezing for the next few nights with a chance of snow and then warm up even more next week.

All the trails were groomed this week so get out and get some riding in as the season won’t last forever!

Reported by Randy of Alaska Snow Cat

March 18, 2016  Happy St. Patty’s Day to all !

It would appear March is going to go out like a lamb…..reports from Trapper Creek suggest snowfall total the past couple days is around 3 inches and other areas north of Talkeetna in the South Denali area from 3 to 5 inches new snow.  Daytime temperatures are starting to inch above freezing in South Denali, so expect a thin layer of new crust in the mornings with hardpack underneath.

As of this writing, it’s 20 degrees in Anchorage at 1pm–which is in stark contrast to the past several days of 40’s for a high!  Scratchers are the order of the day when riding in South Denali for liquid-cooled sleds, but there is PLENTY of snow base covering everything since what we did have so far this winter, settled nicely and gone are the snow-drift ridges we had in the early season.  Bridges are holding up nicely with the cooler nights except for Rabbideaux Creek which partially collapsed in February, but you can safely get through there using the powerline trail on the other side of the highway.  Powder snow can still be found far and wide in the trees if you search hard enough.

The trails are hard and fast and everything is groomed nicely for an enjoyable ride.  This Saturday, 3/19/16 is a Search-n-Rescue and Trail Grooming Fundraiser by the newly organized “Petersville Community Non-Profit Corporation” (www.pcnpc.org) and Michele Stevens.  Curry Ridge Riders will have a membership drive table set up so com’mon by and say hello!   Breakfast is going to be served by the organizers of the event from 930 to 1130am in the Kroto Creek Parking Lot with a Snowmachine “Fun-Run” (poker run style) taking in GPS checkpoints around the area.  A donation of $20 is requested for the breakfast and Fun-Run.  Parking is going to be tight on Saturday considering this is the first “countable” new snow in South Denali, so you might want to park at the free parking in Trapper Creek Inn parking lot and ride out.

Monday, 3/21/16 is our annual Board of Directors elections and your ballot is needed–don’t forget to send it in.  Details on place and time are in a previous email.




Well same story as last week. Excellent riding conditions!  Saying that just does not get old. Light snow feel early in the week on the west side of the trail system.  Cooler temps at night and warmer temps during the day make for great spring riding.  Riding later in the day provides the softer snow conditions and cooling for the sled. Mid Valley Trail Club is reporting the same conditions. Rabiduex snowbridge is still out of service near MP 110. So if you follow the power line you can still go north and south.

Shout out to Trapper Creek Inn (Tom and Connie), hosting last weekend’s funds drive for the trail system. Fantastic Success!   A great showing and a huge thank you for all supporting this most important cause.

If you have not joined a club or renewed your membership, it’s never too late. Your membership counts and cost is small, but your support is priceless.

HB 319: This bill was introduced by Rep Cathy Tilton .  This bill is extremely important. Curry Ridge Riders and ASSA totally support this pending legislation. It simply increases the registration on the sleds and allows for a 6 year registration period, in which all funds collected are earmarked to SNOTRAC who allocates the funds to grants for grooming of the trails. SNOTRACT board is made up of actually users from across the state. PLEASE call or write your state representative showing your support for this important bill preserving maintenance and grooming of our winter trails. Remember if you ride on borough lands and especially in the state parks, your sled is required to be registered. Part of our trail system (North Loop) enters Denali State Park.  Remember, our Park Ranger (Chris), loves to ride, do I need to say more?

Last bit of information, after sending out the grooming/trail report for almost 7 years, I am stepping aside and Michelle is going to pick up the reigns. A social media giant, she is, managing the hot line, the FB page and now the mail box!  Thanks Michelle! If you have not checked out the CRR’s FB page, you need to!

CRRs would like to thank you all for your continued support.

Stay safe and hope to see you on the trails.




24-Feb-2016:  All the trails were groomed again this week except for the Trapper Creek to Rabiduex Trail. We had pretty good wind all day tuesday and it moved most of the new snow into low lying and protected areas. Warmer than normal temps are predicted for the next week or so but the snow pack is holding up real nice as of now. Temps have been below freezing at night and warm up in the low 30s by noon.

There is a big Winter Carnival at the Trapper Creek Inn saturday with lots of events for kids and a band for the adults. There will be booths with vendors and the Curry Ridge Riders and Anchorage Snowmobile Clubs will be present to share club news and sign up members, both old and new. There will be food to purchase inside the Inn and hot dogs available out at the gazebo prepared by the CRRs.

Come out to Trapper Creek this weekend and join in the fun!!


23-Feb-2016:  Excellent trail conditions, great spring riding temps, new snow fall and no RAIN so far ! Conditions are nothing like that found in Anchorage, Eagle River or Wasilla. Come to Snow Country.

 Reminder: Trapper Creek Inn (TCI) is hosting the FUNd the Trails Winter Carnival this coming weekend. Fun for all, come visit and go riding.  Events scheduled from noon to 6.  Event being sponsored by the Anchorage Snowmobile Club (ASC) and the SnowRider publication.
Curry Ridge Riders will be on scene to discuss trail funding issues and renew club memberships.
Free hotdogs and chili for all new and renewed memberships.
Face Book: Well, CRRs now has a facebook page.  So, between the Mid Valley Trail Club, Ak Snow Cat, CRRs, ASC and all the Inns and Lodges you can get the most up to date snow and local riding conditions. Visit our new page and see the all the scheduled weekend events.
Grooming will be done early this week for all the major trails to beat the warmer temps being forecasted later in the week. Trails should be in excellent shape.
Remember, the CRRs trail system encompasses over 120 miles of established, marked and groom trails.  Spanning that large of an area, snow conditions vary in quality and depth. We ask all to leave comments on the various FaceBook pages of conditions you encounter for all to read.  Best snow conditions are west and north within the trail system.
Please come out and show your support.
Will see you this weekend at TCI !


Well we dodged the rain this weekend up here in snow country. There was a small snow storm last night that left a light dusting and then this morning it started snowing real nice and lasted until a little after noon. 2-4″ with the heavier amounts north and west.

Grooming of the Tokositna Trails, Safari Lake, west half of the EWE and the lower part of the P-ville Rd were done today and the rest of the trails will be done tomorrow and Wednesday in an attempt to beat the warmer temps that are predicted for later in the week.

18-Feb-2016 – Winter Trails Update

Trails are in excellent shape! Small amounts of snow has fallen proving great lubrication and cooling for the sleds.  Grooming continues on all the major trails.  All but the Rabiduez snowbrige are in great shape.  As AK Snow Cat explains on their FB page,  snowbridges depending on what body of water they cross require maintenance all winter long.  South part of the trail system has received less snow than the northern and western trail system.  So to repair the Rabiduex snowbridge requires snow, which there just is not enough in the area to rebuild at this time. This bridge is just northeast of the MP 110 crossing. Snow is in the forecast, so keep your fingers crossed.

Through out the trail system, portion of the routes run through private property.  PLEASE watch for the signs and stay on the trail when passing through these areas.

Great temps and views!  If you have not been out yet this year, you need to come ride!
Reminder, coming next Saturday, 27 Feb, the annual CRR BBQ and annual meeting! will be held. This years meeting will be held at the Fund the Trail Winter Carnival being hosted by the Trapper Creek Inn. Come out and enjoy all the events.  Plenty of FREE parking.

16-Feb-2016 – Winter Snow Update

Well there seems to be a little concern about the picture of the collapsed snow bridge on Rabiduex Creek and how that may be signaling an early end to winter in the South Denali Area. I can assure you that it is still very winter like up here and even with the warmer than normal temps this winter, the snow is getting better and better every week. i heard there was a posting on another site that there is water flowing over the tops of creeks and the ice is melting etc. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Rabidux Creek as well as most creeks south of Trapper Creek have warmer water even on a normal or colder winter. We always have problems with these creek crossing and the big factor this winter as well as last winter is there is very little snow south of Trapper Creek which is needed to keep the bridge in good shape. I have only been able to go down those trails once back in December due to the low snow. This bridge is about 4 mile south of down town Trapper Creek.

North of Trapper Creek the snow gets deeper and there have been no issues with the creek crossing so far. I groomed down to Trapper Creek on the Chulitna Bluff today as well as up the East West Express and the trails, snow, and bridges are in great shape. There was 2-6 inches of new snow last week and like I said, it is getting better and better as the winter progresses. I also groomed down the P-ville Rd from the EWE to the Kroto Parking Lot and from the EWE to the Safari Lake Trailhead. It was clear, cold and crisp all day and is currently 12 above here at the house.

One more issue is people trespassing on the farming fields just north of Trapper Creek on the CBT. This portion of the trail bisects private property and riding you machine off trail on these properties causes nothing but trouble, so please don’t! Thanks.

More grooming tomorrow,


Alaska Snow Cat


This word just in from the Curry Ridge Riders & Trapper Creek Inn:

Reports that the snow bridge crossing the Rabiduex Creek collapsed near the MP 110 crossing.

With the warm temps, water is beginning to flow. Be aware and cautious when crossing rivers and creeks. Be gentle when crossing snowbridges.


Unfortunately, I will not be able to rebuild any of the snow bridges on the Rabiduex Trail unless we get a substantial dump of snow.



10-Feb-2016: From Curry Ridge Riders

Grooming has been completed on all the major trails this week. Trails were in great shape this past weekend. All snow bridges were holding up well with no overflow in sight.

Great spring riding conditions !
Remember the date of 27 Feb for attending the Fund raising winter carnival event, being held at the Trapper Creek Inn. Events starting at noon and running to 6 pm.  All proceeds going to the grooming pool for the Petersville and South Denali trail system. More info to come.
For the latest in grooming reports visit the Mid Valley Trail Club and Alaska Snow Cat  fb pages.
Be careful out there and enjoy!

10-Feb-2016 From AK Snow Cat

Been out grooming again this week, north up the Chulitna Bluff, across the Tokositna, down to the Safari Lake Trail Head and the west half of the EWE. Plus the P-ville Road through the Canyon, Over the Jim/Mar, down the Deep Creek and up the Black Creek trails.
Tomorrow I will be cutting through the Kenny Creek area, down the EWE to mile 121.5 and finish off on the Chulitna Bluff.
Temps warmed up today to the low 30s and the wind has been blowing pretty good also.
Lots of snow but it would be nice to see some fresh stuff.  Randy.

05-Feb-2016:  Just in from grooming for the week. All trails were groomed this week except for the Rabiduex trail south of Trapper Creek. The fresh snow from last week is keeping the trails soft and so smooth.
The wind has been blowing most of the week and some drifting will be found in the upper elevations. The temps have been warm after dipping down early in the week but still very much winter up here.
Snow is forecast in the next few days which would be very welcome.

Keep an eye out for moose as I saw quite a few out there this week.


29-Jan-2016  An inch or so of new snow fell last night but temps have remained warm all week. It was raining pretty good south of Trapper Creek thursday night so expect some icy roads if it gets cold enough.

No grooming this week but if the weather allows we will be back out next tuesday smoothing the bumps. Ride safe!

28-January-2016.  From Curry Ridge Riders

No important games this weekend, so go riding!  Weather is to be good.  Some new snow is falling on the west side of the trail system. Spring like temps. Don’t wait to long, you might miss winter.

Your membership with the Curry Ridge Riders is very important.  The club exhausted most of its funds last year to extend the grooming season.  We are hoping that will be the case this year. So, please renew and if you not a member, please join.
You can find membership forms to download on the web site.
Enjoy the trail system.


Finished grooming for the week, The Kenny Creek Cut between the P-ville Rd and the EWE was groomed. This will give you direct access to Kenny Creek Lodge. Also the Kroto Link, Safari Lake, the EWE down to mile 122 and the Chulitna Bluff between Trapper Creek(mile 114) and mile 129.

Have a good weekend!

14-January-2016   A little fresh snow up this way, maybe 2″ here at mile 128 and possibly more to the west. Temps are up and down but above 0 and below 32. Partly cloudy and very winter looking.
No grooming this week to conserve the funding but we will be out again next week. Trails are in decent shape from the reports I am getting.

See video of near-miss avalanche in Petersville area    Near-Miss Avalanche – Petersville

Alaska Snow Cat writes ” Be careful out there this weekend guys! This was in Petersville yesterday, my buddy climbing straight up and over set this off. Luckily no burials.”

7-January-2016   The lower half of the Deep Creek Trail was groomed today as were the Safari Lake, E/W Express, Kroto Link and the Chulitna Bluff between mile 121 and 129. Trails are in good shape but the snow is pretty hard off trail from last weeks rain shower and wind in the lower elevations. The good news is that there is soft snow to be found north and west of the reflector tree and conditions are great for getting off trail and exploring the whole area.

Temps are a little cool and it is currently 2 above with clear skys and no wind. Come on out, stay at one of the lodges and enjoy some great views.

Great Views!

Denali Views 7-Jan-2016

6-January-2016   Just in from grooming the P-ville Road from the Kroto Parking to up and through the Canyon. The temps were a bit cool today and are currently 3 above. There was a little new snow followed by some wind in the last week and much of the area is looking track free. There is 3-4′ of snow in the higher elevations with much of the creeks and gullies filled in but also some wind slabs on the steeper slopes.

Looks like pretty good riding to me. More reports tomorrow

December 24, 2015   The connector trail from Kenny Creek Lodge to the E/W Express was put in today. It may change in the future once I have a chance to meet with the P-ville folks as they are funding this trail. Stay tuned for any changes and please remember this is a subdivision with a lot of land owners who like to keep the area as low key as possible.

The Safari Lake, Tokositna, Tokositna Flats and the Northern part of the Chulitna Bluff Trails were also groomed to today.
Temps stayed cold and are currently -4 but are forecasted to warm up starting Christmas day.

Merry Christmas everybody and thank you for all the support.

Grooming continues this week. The CBT from 129-121 is groomed and in great shape as is the E/W Express, P-ville Rd, Deep Creek and Jim/Mar Trails. The snow is hard and wind blown in most areas but still soft enough not to need ice scratchers. Some softer snow can be found in the trees and other protected areas. Plenty of exploring though as there is deep snow and most creeks are frozen.
Temps are currently below zero but are forecasted to warm up and chance of new snow in a few days!

16-Dec-2015   Put in the Deep Creek trail today from the Iron Bridge (by the old Forks Roadhouse) going west towards the Kahiltna. Also groomed the P-ville Road from Kroto to the E/W Express and then down the E/W to mile 121.5 on the Parks. The north wind started blowing about noon and temps were in the mid 20s

15-Dec-2015   5 inches of new snow this week here at the home base, more in some places and less in others but the conditions are improving all the time! The Tokositna crossing and Bunco Creek are in and in great shape. More grooming to come.


Alaska Snow Cat has been busy preparing all the main winter trails in Petersville and Trapper Creek this week. After heavy snows and then a lot of rain over the Thanksgiving weekend, conditions were a little rough to say the least. All water crossing plus any low areas in the swamps were flooded, but have now refrozen. There are however deep holes, frozen ruts and crusty snow so the groomed trails are the safest routes until you get to about 3500′ elevation.

As of Thursday night the following trails are groomed and in good shape:

  • Petersville Road from the Kroto Parking through the Canyon at the Peter Hills
  • East/West Express from mile 121.5 on the Parks Hwy to the Petersville Road
  • Deep Creek Trail from the P-ville Rd to the Peter Hills
  • Jen/Mar which connects the Deep Creek to the P-ville Rd
  • Safari/Tokasitna Trail from mile 11.5 of the P-ville Rd to just north of Safari Lake
  • Chulitna Bluff Trail from Trapper Creek to mile 129.
  • Kroto Link

Friday I will be headed north into Denali State Park to see if the Tokositna River and Bunco Creek can be crossed. If the crossing can be put in then that will complete the “North Loop” connecting the CBT to the Safari Lake trail.

Next Week the Black Creek/Collinsville Trail and Rabiduex Trail will see some attention.

Be careful out there, the snow is deep but has a thick frozen crust and there are significant “water features” that are both frozen and/or deep and unfrozen. Some snow is in the forecast.

Randy Crosby

Alaska Snow Cat

Check out their most recent updates at:

Alaska Snow Cat 


Curry Ridge Riders