Eastern Alaska Range (Hoodoo Mtns – Isabel Pass – Summit Lake) – 06 Nov – Sno-Tel Data

Reported By: Anchorage Snowmobile Club 22-April-2015

Nov 06, 2017  The snow is slowly building per Fielding Lake Sno-Tel which is down at pass elevation and there is significantly more snow at elevation.  Sno-tel data is presented to indicate when the area has received new snow and you can bet the hills & mountains higher up have received even more snow.

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Fielding Lake Sno-Tel Data – 11-06-2017



24-April-17  Still Good Riding at Summit.  I haven’t been there personally but heard reports of good rideable snow post-Arctic Man.  Thompson Pass is good too!  Rode to and on Tsaina Glacier.

3/19/2016 – 8″ new snow at Fielding Lake sno-tel in the past week which usually translates into much more in the hills above.  Arctic man is in a few weeks and the new snow is a welcome relief….hopefully they’ll get even more new snow for the event.

12/27/2015  Snow depth up behind “First Aid Hill” is 3-4′ with approximately 12″ of new snow in the past week. Excellent riding on a consolidated base.  Some evidence of some natural avalanches in the past on steep terrain greater than 35 degrees (probably occurred in last avalanche cycle in late November and early December).  Some creeks are not totally covered by snow but manageable.  Excellent riding.  Miles of untracked terrain.  Photos below from 27-Dec-2015.

Hoo Doo Mountains near Summit Lake 27-Dec-2015#2 Hoo Doo Mountains near Summit Lake 27-Dec-2015#3 Hoo Doo Mountains near Summit Lake 27-Dec-2015IMG_2155 (2)

12/03/2015:  Fielding Lake sno-tel is reporting 30″ of  snow base – No new snow in the past 48 Hours!  Riding is excellent up in the hills above Summit lake.  See links below for information on recent avalanche incidents and snowmachiner burials.  Fortunately, no fatalities but another near miss.  Be careful up there and always, always carry avalanche gear.

11/18/2015 – There was a recent incident a few days ago where an avalanche caught a snowmachiner off the backside of the “tit” (which is the mountain where the race starts for the Arctic Man event).  Extreme caution is necessary for early season riding in this area on steep terrain.  Fortunately, the rider was dug out of the snow after about 24 minutes and resuscitated.  Don’t let that happen to you!  At a minimum, carry an avalanche beacon transponder, shovel and probes and play it safe!

11/11/2015 –  There have been recent posts on the blogsite of Back Country Rebels of early-season riders already heading up into the hills above Summit Lake (site of Arctic Man).  This may well be the first area to safely ride after additional  snowfalls.  Picture posts show the riders carving 2’+ powder snow in the hills above Summit Lake.  These mountains always get substantially more snow than the sno-tel records down in the valley floor of Isabel Pass.   Please email any riding reports to the club hotline and snow pack reports to the Eastern Alaska Range Avalanche Center (contactearac@gmail.com).

Resources to check before you head there:

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