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For some riders, there is nothing more fun than bottomless powder. For most new riders, learning how to ride deep powder can be frustrating and exhausting. The goal of this ride is to help you learn how to ride deep powder better and to enjoy the thrill of a really good stuck.

This is more a course than strictly a ride. It is anticipated that the group will meet at my house one evening a couple days before the ride. I intend to have a sled in the garage, and we can sit on it and make motor noises, and talk about deep powder riding. Hopefully, I will have some videos put together so you can see some of the techniques we discuss.

The ride will be limited to about 6 or 8 people.  You must have at sled that has least a 141 x 2 track. You must have an avalanche beacon, probe, shovel, and saw. You must be willing to work like a dog getting sleds unstuck. There may be other requirements added. The riding area will be determined by snow conditions, most likely Placer or Turnagain Pass to the south, or Yoder Road or Petersville to the north.

If you are interested in this ride, please contact Tim Cook at 336 5293, or to discuss the ride.

As always check the ASC hot line  566-0272 for latest updates before departing for the ride.