For anyone who hasn’t experienced the pleasantries of an OVERNIGHT snowmachine trip, this is for you !

Half the fun of snowmachining is going somewhere you wouldn’t otherwise be able to in one day, and that includes some pretty amazingly cozy lodges out in the wilderness. You live in Alaska–300 million people across the U.S. would gladly exchange places with you at the chance to have such an adventure.

That said, it’s shaping up to be a good, snowy winter and these lodges have limited space in the winter so you better giddyup real soon before they give the unreserved rooms to other patrons. THE SNOW IS PILIN’ UP RIGHT NOW JUST FOR YOU !

As of this writing, here’s the status of each of the scheduled overnight snowmachine trips:

TALVISTA LODGE Mar 9-11–ride is full, waitlist available                     
(Gary Brown 748-4077)

BENTALIT LODGE Feb 17-19–ride is full, waitlist available
BENTALIT LODGE Feb 23-25–“a few rooms left”
(Kurt Julsen 632-9961)

SUSITNA RIVER LODGE–Feb 22-25—lodge rooms full, cabins available 
(Gene Gerken 441-8981)

😲😲😲😲~~~Better get crackin’ !~~~~😲😲😲